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Easy to get started

You don't have to use every available feature to enjoy Zorro, here's the simplest way to manage your projects.

Import data

Already using another project management solution?

It can be tedious and time-consuming to manually migrate data from software to software, which is why Zorro lets you import your data with just a few clicks!

Supported software:

HacknPlan Trello Jira

Don't see yours in that list? Please let us know, so we can add support for it!

Try Zorro to its full extent, for free!

As there are many other project management tools out there, it felt extremely important for us to let you try Zorro to its full extent for free!

Every feature is available to free users, the only restriction is that you are limited to 1 project at a time.

Try out Zorro in a real situation and see how it feels! Consider getting a premium subscription after that if you enjoyed Zorro!

Track time

Easily manage your time using Zorro's time tracker!

Click "track time" whenever you start working on a task, and end the tracker once you're done working.

Something to do
Work logs
User profile picture 15/07/2024 05:53

Time spent will be calculated for you and added to the task.

Mood boards

Mood boards are blackboards of infinite dimensions, on which you can place as many images, texts and 3D models as you like, anywhere you like.

Particularly designed for artists that'd like to keep their reference images to hand, you'll also find them useful to keep notes, mockups, screenshots, and more!


Or don't! Zorro is suited for solo projects as well as team projects.

Invite people, manage their permissions, assign tasks to members, comment tasks.

Zorro is updated in real-time, don't worry about refreshing the page while working with other members, as you won't need to!


If you like to plan your work sessions ahead of time, you may use Zorro's planning!

Create events bound to a task, and define when and how long you'll be working on it.

Use the work history view to compare your planned sessions with the actual work you logged.

Export your Zorro planning to your favorite calendar application using the iCal or URL export!


Want to know how many hours you've worked this week, or how well you've been sticking to the no-zero day principle over the year?

Find out with the statistics page! View stats for a specific project, some of your choice, or simply all of them combined.

Daily, weekly or monthly logged work, average estimated vs real logged work, work graphs, and others will await you there!

Open beta

Zorro is currently in open beta, what does that involve?

We're publishing changelogs for every new version, detailing exactly what we've changed to Zorro. Check them out if you're interested or would like to see how frequently we're releasing updates!


Every feature is available to free users, the only restriction is that you are limited to 1 project at a time.

Zorro's pricing
Free Premium
Boards & tasks
Mood boards
Invite people to your project
Unlimited projects
1 project
Price Free 3 € / month
30 € / year

You can also purchase a month or year of Zorro subscription once, so without automatic renewal

Need a commercial/educative license? Contact us


If you have any question about Zorro, read this section first, and consider contacting us if yours is not in the list!


Made with htmx

Zorro is made with a minimalist tech stack; golang on the backend with mostly standard libs, good ol' plain HTML & CSS on the frontend. We're adding JavaScript for UX or interactivity purposes solely, and proudly relying on the small library that is htmx to handle all interactions with the server. No fancy or bloated framework, no JSON, a simple stack for a simple code to maintain and enhance over time.

We worry about performance so please report us any issue you might encounter, which would help make the web a better and more performant place!

About us



The amazing artist making all visuals for Zorro!
Check out her website as she's also doing art commissions and not necessarily web-related!



The determined developer implementing Zorro!
A game developer who hasn't released any game yet as he's spending his free time working on a project management software instead


Join our Discord, we'd be happy to have you onboard! Ask for help, feel free to suggest us any feature you'd like to have, and meet other Zorro enthusiasts!

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